Voices for Life: Uniting for a Cause

Thousands of pro-life advocates gathered at this year’s Colorado March for Life at the Colorado State Capitol on Friday, April 12, 2024. With loud voices and bright banners, individuals from pro-life organizations, schools, faith communities and ministries came together to honor the sanctity of life.

Many steps, conversations and connections later, hope and optimism filled the air around the Colorado Capitol. Everyone from infants, toddlers to seniors joined hands and voices for the cause. A sizable number of school-aged students also marched to show their support, and they represented their generation well. It’s truly a blessing to witness thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds and ages uniting in support of life,” expressed Jeannine Duffield, Director of Respect Life Denver.

Among the organizations in attendance was Marisol Health, a ministry of Catholic Charities that provides prenatal, postnatal and mental health support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Community engagement specialist Mary Houtsma shared her passion for offering alternatives to abortion with compassion and care. “We just want to be an answer to let them know that there are plenty of other options,” she said. “People care about you and want to walk alongside you in this journey–we want to show that life is truly worth living.”

Brianna, a member of the Sidewalk Advocates for Life national team, shared their mission with attendees of the march. They aim to offer support and alternatives to those considering abortion with a compassionate approach. “Our core values are that we are peaceful, prayerful, loving. We also really focus on prayer, so that women always feel that we’re coming out a place of empathy and not as a judge.”

Victoria Trujillo, the Rocky Mountain regional coordinator for Students for Life, reflected on the rewards of mobilizing young student activists on college campuses and empowering the next generation. “My favorite part is talking with those students. They’re always so passionate and so excited to be standing up for life.”

With unity and purpose behind every step, all attendees took a victory lap around the State Capitol and left their mark. For them, the March for Life in Denver was not a protest, but a testament to the beauty of life and the power that we hold to protect it.