Wings of Generosity: The Adventurous Life of Kenneth Stevens

Kenneth Stevens was a man whose life was marked by adventure, generosity and a deep sense of purpose. Through his thoughtful planning and selfless giving, his contributions to Catholic Charities and his local community will continue to uplift and support those in need.

In January 2023, Ken unfortunately passed away. “It was bittersweet when Ken suddenly died but we get to watch Ken tithe beyond his lifetime through his amazing legacy gift,” says Lisa Kukura, Senior Director of Gift Planning with The Catholic Foundation. Ken had saved a substantial six-figure sum with the intention of leaving behind something that would survive his death and help those who need a helping hand.

Born in Greeley just months before the end of World War II, his brother Tom remembers that the call of train whistles and the roar of aircrafts was the soundtrack of Ken’s life.

He attended St. Peter’s Catholic School in Greeley, where his inquisitive nature and sharp mind flourished. At the young age of 12, he began working, showcasing his strong work ethic. At 14, he embarked on his first grand adventure alone, traveling to Hawaii, a trip that would ignite his passion for exploration.

After four years serving in the Air Force, Ken’s love for flying grew, leading him to pursue a career in the airline industry. Through his work, he had the opportunity to travel the world, allowing him to experience different cul

tures of wealthy, common and poor people. Despite his success, he believed in collecting experiences rather than material goods and desired to pass his success on to those in need. He chose to live a modest life by choosing to furnish

 his home with items from Habitat from Humanity.

He supported causes close to his heart, such as Catholic Charities Guadalupe Center and St. Mary’s parish in his hometown of Greeley and have left both generous legacy gifts.

Ken’s devotion to his faith remained unwavering in his final years. He attended Mass daily and prayed the rosary, finding solace and strength in his spiritual connection. As the years go by, Ken will be forever remembered for his generosity at Catholic Charities, a testament to the compassionate and adventurous spirit that defined his life.

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