Catholic Charities Helps Newcomers Build a Life 

In response to the ongoing demand for humanitarian aid and legal guidance for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) seekers in Colorado, Catholic Charities of Denver is conducting workshops throughout 2024 to offer crucial support to eligible individuals and families as they navigate the intricate TPS application procedures. 

TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status, and it grants permission to eligible newcomers to live and work in the United States on a temporary basis. This status is not a pathway toward citizenship, a green card or permanent legal status in the U.S. To qualify for TPS consideration, an applicant must hold citizenship in a TPS-eligible country and meet all TPS Eligibility guidelines. 

What to Expect at the Workshops 

Participants receive guidance in completing and submitting their applications, with the goal of supporting applicants as they complete TPS and employment authorization documents. They are then empowered to manage subsequent steps in the process, such as maintaining updated addresses with U.S. immigration authorities and responding to requests for additional evidence. 

Catholic Charities TPS Workshop Coordinator Marcos Castillo is convinced that significant change can continue to be made with the right resources in hand. These workshops rely heavily on generous donations of laptops, time and talent. Many hands will truly make light work in these efforts. 

To participate in the workshops, individuals must undergo the pre-screening process and be scheduled for a specific session. The workshops are staffed by dedicated and trained volunteers who are assigned to families, assisting them in preparing and compiling their TPS applications. Each application is reviewed by an immigration attorney before submission, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the documentation. 

The workshops kicked off in January and will be held each month through the end of 2024. 

How To Get Involved 

  1. Refer Individuals:

Individuals can refer themselves or others by filling out this pre-screening questionnaire, also linked in the attached flyer. It is essential to verify the eligibility criteria for each country before making a referral, as the workshops are limited to those eligible for TPS. The process is streamlined to ensure efficiency and provide necessary support to the attendees. Because of time constraints, calls and emails about the process will not be returned. 

  1. Volunteer:

Volunteers are an integral part of the workshops, and we are always looking for folks who are willing to help. Both legal professionals and non-legal volunteers are needed, and training is provided. 

“We’ve been looking for a way to get involved to help migrants and this workshop and helping with lunch was a great opportunity for us to live out our missions as Catholics,” shared Most Precious Blood Catholic parish volunteers -Theresa, Mana and Chriss. 

There is no need to be intimidated by the legal or predominantly Spanish-speaking nature of the work. Marcos reiterates, “Whether you are skilled in law, language, communication or other areas, you can absolutely be helpful.” If interested, please be sure to complete the recorded training and visit the following links to register: 

Attorney Volunteer Sign-Up: 

Non-Attorney Volunteer Sign-Up: 

Thank you in advance for your heart of generosity and service!