From Homelessness to Hope: Kevin Signs Lease After Eight Years

For years, Kevin experienced the harsh reality of homelessness, facing uncertain days and nights. Connecting with Samaritan House Fort Collins was his turning point. With unwavering determination, he engaged in programs that propelled him toward his ultimate dream – a place to truly call home.

In partnership with his dedicated Samaritan House caseworker, Kevin dove in, focusing on his goals and overcoming hurdles one by one. He also became an integral part of Samaritan House’s older adult program, where he accessed vital healthcare resources.

After eight long years of rough days and even tougher nights, Kevin achieved a milestone that once seemed unattainable – he signed a lease. This moment marked the poignant end of his homeless journey and the exciting start of an entirely new chapter brimming with possibilities. His perseverance paid off as he moved into a place he could genuinely call his own.

Kevin signing his lease with his new landlord.

Recognizing the challenges of sustaining his newfound housing, Kevin seamlessly integrated into the senior services program. With enthusiasm, he absorbed knowledge about budgeting, resource utilization, and found camaraderie amongst fellow seniors who understood his journey.

As Kevin settles into his new home, we celebrate his achievements and extend our heartfelt well-wishes for this exciting new chapter that awaits him in Northern Colorado.