Groundbreaking underway at Church of All Saints campus bringing affordable housing to Southwest Denver

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, dozens gathered at the Church of All Saints campus to celebrate the groundbreaking of a new affordable housing property that will support the Southwest Denver community. Spearheaded by Catholic Charities Housing, Cushing Terrell, Palace Construction, IMEG Corp. and Terracon Consultants, the new affordable housing development will house 63 seniors when its doors are expected to open in September 2024.

Monsignor Peter Quang Nguyen, pastor of the Church of All Saints spoke at Thursday’s groundbreaking event.

“We are here to celebrate the whole journey of a person. When the Son of God became human, he was homeless. I also experienced homelessness as a refugee before I came to the United States. I understand the importance of housing people,” shared Monsignor Quang. “When I started at All Saints nine years ago, I spent a lot of time with the people of this community. I have recognized the most vulnerable population here is our seniors. We come together today to be there for the people, as children of God, to give seniors dignity and safety within this building.”

The four-story site will be located at the corner of Federal and Vassar. The space previously was an empty parking lot but is now set to be a space of hope for seniors inneed of affordable housing.

Councilman Kevin Flynn is a long-time resident of the neighborhood and parishioner of All Saints. He has lived in southwest Denver for close to 50 years and recognizes the importance of affordable housing in his own backyard.

“This will be another beautiful aspect of the community. It’s been a pleasure to lead some of this project through council and help bring this remarkable facility to my neighborhood,” shared Flynn.

The shortage of affordable housing has been a long-standing issue in Denver, with many seniors struggling to find affordable homes. The new property will help alleviate some of the housing burdens while also providing a haven for seniors in need.

“To Catholic Charities Housing, All Saints Apartments is more than just a building — it’s a vision being brought to life by our amazing community,” said Justin Raddatz, Vice President of Development at Catholic Charities. “Big thanks to US Bank, First Bank, our partners at the City/County of Denver, especially Councilman Kevin Flynn, the State Department of Housing, the planning and muscle of Palace Construction, the creative minds at Cushing Terrell and the heart of the Archdiocese of Denver and Church of All Saints. By late 2024, our senior neighbors will have a special place to call home.”