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Nurturing Bright Futures: Inside the Child Development Center of Catholic Charities

“Every child is a learner, navigating their path uniquely, and here at the Child Development Center, it’s our honor to teach these kids.” This statement from Maru Garcia, the director of the Child Development Center (CDC) is at the core of all Catholic Charities early Childhood Education (ECE) programs. “I’ve been in education for 30 … Read more



Ashley and Jordan's journey
When the couple lost their daughter to protective services, Ashley and Jordan were devastated. They went to Samaritan House for help to achieve sobriety, regain stability and start anew. Watch this video about their story.


Faces of Hope: Lauree

You can find Lauree on the corner of 22nd and Larimer streets on most mornings steaming up espresso and talking to neighbors in the community. This is the same block where she learned to advocate for herself as a single mother experiencing homelessness and rediscover her independence.   On the morning of November 6, 2017, Lauree lost custody of … Read more

Faces of Hope: Arisa ‘Marisol Health genuinely cares’

Arisa was 19 and petrified. Her pregnancy test results were positive. “I was really scared and kind of horrified in the beginning, because I knew the (baby’s) dad was not someone who would be there for me,” she remembers. Her grandparents, who raised her, initially expressed disappointment and concern, which caused a strain in their … Read more

Faces of Hope: Liliana

Liliana said her greatest hope is keeping her family together. She participated in Catholic Charities’ Early Head Start prenatal program and felt she had the help she needed. “I think that in my personal experience, finding the possibility of belonging to the Catholic Charities’ program was a blessing in the process of (my) pregnancy,” she … Read more

Faces of Hope: Debra

Coats donated to Samaritan House   Debra finally found the one—a long tan trench coat among stacks of clean coats donated to Samaritan House.  Hundreds of coats provided through the Coats for Colorado partnership with Dependable Cleaners gave women facing homelessness like her with needed warmth and a brighter outlook.  At first nervous of going … Read more

New mom finds help, hope in recovery at Marisol Homes

Jennifer found out she was 10 weeks pregnant in August of 2020. During this time, she was addicted to heroin and methamphetamine and was unsure what her next steps would look like. At 12 weeks pregnant, Jennifer was admitted to a treatment center in Denver.  After 60 days in treatment, she was referred and later … Read more

Michelle and daughter Felicity say Marisol Homes is like family

Michelle says singing is a form of worship for her. “I sing all the time,” said the 39-year-old mother. “I sing when I need to drown out my sorrows. God has got me through a lot of things. [He] is my main man.” Michelle is a participant at Marisol Homes, a long-term home and program … Read more

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