Michelle and daughter Felicity say Marisol Homes is like family

Michelle says singing is a form of worship for her.

“I sing all the time,” said the 39-year-old mother. “I sing when I need to drown out my sorrows. God has got me through a lot of things. [He] is my main man.”

Michelle is a participant at Marisol Homes, a long-term home and program for single mothers and pregnant women, many who have fled domestic violence. Michelle sang to a crowd of Marisol supporters at the Catholic Charities’ Songs of Hope event August 8. Seven musicians performed while people sat in lawn chairs or blankets and enjoyed a picnic dinner.

Then Michelle sang songs made famous by pop singer Adele. Michelle also shared her experience that led her to Marisol Homes.

“Before I came to Marisol Homes I was trapped in the cycles of domestic violence and drug addiction,” she shared. “I would use drugs to be able to withstand my daily life. I was circling the toilet bowl of negativity when I was accepted into Marisol Homes.”

In December 2020, Michelle moved in with Felicity, her daughter born 10 months prior, and started a new life. She achieved sobriety and took advantage of many classes to help with grief and learn parenting skills.

“I’m learning new things every day here,” said Michelle, who also has a 20-year-old and 11-year-old living in other states. “It’s kind of like having your extended family that expects the most out of you. They give you the support. It’s been really nurturing.”