Little Flower Assistance Center Receives Prestigious Spirit Award

The Little Flower Assistance Center, a ministry of Catholic Charities, is like a community superhero. With its multifaceted offerings, including a food pantry, closet for clothing options and resource center, it extends a personalized helping hand to residents across Aurora. Recently, the dedicated volunteers at Little Flower earned a well-deserved recognition, receiving the prestigious “Spirit … Read more

Catholic Charities opens apartment building for low-income seniors in heart of downtown Greeley

“This is the best place to live if you’re a senior in Greeley.” In a community where the need for affordable housing is a pressing concern, Immaculata Plaza, a property of Catholic Charities Housing, emerges to support Greeley seniors. The plaza’s latest build opened its doors to residents in late September, with 30 turn-key-ready units for seniors … Read more

From Homelessness to Hope: Kevin Signs Lease After Eight Years

For years, Kevin experienced the harsh reality of homelessness, facing uncertain days and nights. Connecting with Samaritan House Fort Collins was his turning point. With unwavering determination, he engaged in programs that propelled him toward his ultimate dream – a place to truly call home. In partnership with his dedicated Samaritan House caseworker, Kevin dove … Read more

Catholic Charities’ Record-Breaking School Supply Drive

Surpassing all expectations, this year’s School Supply drive was our largest yet. With over a thousand backpacks and supplies given to families within our ministries and community, there is one less thing to worry about when children suit up for the beginning of the school year.   The contributions of parishes were the driving force behind … Read more

Wings of Generosity: The Adventurous Life of Kenneth Stevens

Kenneth Stevens was a man whose life was marked by adventure, generosity and a deep sense of purpose. Through his thoughtful planning and selfless giving, his contributions to Catholic Charities and his local community will continue to uplift and support those in need. In January 2023, Ken unfortunately passed away. “It was bittersweet when Ken … Read more

Kentucky Head Start: Embracing Language Diversity

Step inside the vibrant walls of our Catholic Charities Head Start Kentucky location, and you will immediately sense the electric energy of language diversity. Kentucky is a Head Start program designed specifically for families who meet specific financial needs and criteria. What sets this location apart is its one-of-a-kind bilingual classroom, where English and Spanish … Read more

Mariposa Early Childhood Education Center: A Holistic Approach for Students Success

Mariposa Early Childhood Education center proudly opened its doors in 2012. The building was specifically designed and built for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program and features six specialized classrooms that cater to the distinct needs of every child, allowing them to thrive and reach their full potential. Mariposa, which is one of six early childhood … Read more

Doing Something Radical

Will Hayes is a first-year Jesuit novice who is on a mission to Samaritan House, committed to working with the poor and helping those who need an extra helping hand. With one more year of service ahead of him before taking his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Will is fully committed to his calling. … Read more

Avery’s Blanket Drive: How a Birthday Sleepover Turned into a Life-changing Mission

Four years ago, when Avery was planning her 8th birthday party, she decided that she was going to ask for blankets instead of gifts from her friends. She told her parents that she didn’t want anyone to be cold. Her dad challenged her to “think bigger” which sparked the conversation around hosting a large-scale blanket … Read more

1,500 Days of Making a Difference

Since 2017, Bob D’Ascoli has volunteered almost every weekday at Samaritan House on Lawrence Street. That adds up to more than 1,500 days that Bob has devoted to helping our participants at the Catholic Charities’ ministry. Amazing! His smiling face wakes up our participants at breakfast and he brings tremendous energy and positivity to everyone … Read more