The Black 14: Love. Fellowship. Generosity. A story of healing, hope and giving back.

The story of the Black 14 started in 1969 when a group of black football players at the University of Wyoming decided to wear black armbands to take a stand against racism during a football game with Brigham Young University. At that time, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) believed that African … Read more

Donor: ‘We’re really here to show we care’

Within minutes, women eagerly formed a long line inside Samaritan House 48th in Denver where a group of volunteers unveiled a Christmas surprise for them—brand new shoes. “Welcome to the shoe store,” exclaimed Terry Peltes, a Catholic Charities donor and volunteer, to the shelter participants. “We’re so glad you’re here.” Terry and three of his co-workers and … Read more

Terry Peltes: Join in the compassionate outreach at Samaritan House

“Some of the ladies we serve have been victims of domestic abuse or have mental health issues and some have just experienced the terrible misfortune that we all pray never comes to anyone we know or love. They are young, old and in-between and they are all scared, sad, completely vulnerable, desperate, and living on … Read more

Finding the shoe that fits

Volunteers are integral to the success of Samaritan House. We wouldn’t be able to open our doors to our neighbors without tremendous community support. A great example of answering the call is the Peltes family, who began volunteering at Samaritan House with Saturday morning meal service and expanded their efforts in many directions.   Terry Peltes is now on a mission … Read more

Heart for Hungry Families Has Roots in a Sister’s Help

Suzie Boyd’s heart is always with the struggling family facing hunger—it’s all too familiar to her. “We went through trying times growing up,” said Suzie, co-owner with her husband, Curt, of Academy Roofing, based in Aurora. “It goes way back to when I was a kid. So there’s 12 children in my family … and … Read more