VIDEO: New beginnings for Jordan and Ashley

Jordan and Ashley came to Samaritan House Fort Collins desperately seeking safety from themselves, for their daughter. Without hesitation, staff served the small family dinner and began helping them on their journey to stability. Fast forward to nine months later, the couple is sober, found an apartment, with Jordan working a full-time job. And best … Read more

Shorty champions fatherhood with Marisol Health’s help

  Shorty Zeferino is a proud father with wife, Yenifer. The dad of three, who goes by “Shorty,” took his 5-year-old son to T-ball practice and watched him take his first swing. “I never had that,” Shorty said about his own father who wasn’t active in his life. “My son said, ‘I’m going to be … Read more

Nicholas and Andrea are surprised with a welcoming gift into the country

For the first time since they’ve arrived in the United States, Nicholas and Andrea felt relief.   A few short weeks ago, the couple and their 6-year-old daughter fled their home in Venezuela. With food insecurity looming in the country and violence on the rise, the couple made the brave leap that many immigrants do when … Read more

Mother of three Tinasia advocates her way to independence

Looking back, Tinasia describes her brief experience with homelessness as a blessing in disguise. If the pregnant mom of three did not face some of the challenges she faced, she wouldn’t have opened herself to the life-transforming help at Samaritan House. “I feel like things were able to work in my favor,” she shared from … Read more

With Samaritan House, mom finds new start for her family

The mother stacks a folding stroller—her last belonging—in the trunk of her black Kia parked outside Samaritan House. “We’re going to go see our new apartment,” she exclaims to her young son. She straps her daughter into a car seat as her son jumps inside the backseat. With their belongings in tow, she drives away … Read more

Marisol Homes alumna Tara looks to help others

In November of 2010, Tara and two of her children started a trek to regain independence, gathering what little they had for a stay at Marisol Homes (then known as the Father Ed Judy House), a temporary home for single women and children run by Catholic Charities of Denver. At the time, she had been … Read more

VIDEO: Ilene says life changed for better after giving birth

Ilene was shocked. She recently graduated high school and found out she was pregnant after taking a test at Marisol Health in Denver. After talking it over with her boyfriend, “We decided we were going to go to Planned Parenthood and get it over with.” Ilene did not feel prepared to care for a baby. … Read more

Faces of Hope: Lena

n Lena’s life, Catholic Charities was not simply the provider of food and clothing during challenging times. They restored her hope and faith in Jesus Christ. Lena, a proud Catholic wife and mother, described her first transformative encounter with Catholic Charities like it was yesterday. Another day of barely getting by while living in her … Read more

Faces of Hope: Arisa ‘Marisol Health genuinely cares’

Arisa was 19 and petrified. Her pregnancy test results were positive. “I was really scared and kind of horrified in the beginning, because I knew the (baby’s) dad was not someone who would be there for me,” she remembers. Her grandparents, who raised her, initially expressed disappointment and concern, which caused a strain in their … Read more

Faces of Hope: Liliana

Liliana said her greatest hope is keeping her family together. She participated in Catholic Charities’ Early Head Start prenatal program and felt she had the help she needed. “I think that in my personal experience, finding the possibility of belonging to the Catholic Charities’ program was a blessing in the process of (my) pregnancy,” she … Read more