Marisol Health expands counseling services to help expectant moms

One of the most profound ways we show compassion to each other is to accompany one another through struggles. It’s on this firm belief that Marisol Health offers clinical services to women walking through our doors who need healthcare, counseling and support. “We live in a world that is wrought with a lot of suffering,” … Read more

Catholic Community and pro-life advocates oppose radical abortion bill proposed in Colorado

Mom says abortion became her biggest regret  Public rally organized to oppose radical bill      Sharry had made her decision. Scared and shaking, she lay on the cold table with endless tears flowing. She heard the hum of the vacuum after the nurse hit the switch.    In a coarse, hateful voice the nurse told her, “It was a boy.” … Read more

Limitless abortion bill poised to radicalize Colorado

State legislators propose removing parental rights, enshrining late-term abortion Denver, CO—Colorado is set to become the most radical abortion state in the country after state lawmakers proposed a bill permitting unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. The Catholic Community quickly mobilized to respond and oppose the Reproductive Health Equity Act, HB22-1279. … Read more

Something beautiful out of a tragic event

Even from the most awful and tragic events, something beautiful can be born. Take, for example, Rebecca Kiessling’s very own life. The Michigan wife and mother was conceived after her biological mother was dragged to a field and raped at knife point. Her mother was determined to access abortion, which was illegal at the time. … Read more

VIDEO: Ilene says life changed for better after giving birth

Ilene was shocked. She recently graduated high school and found out she was pregnant after taking a test at Marisol Health in Denver. After talking it over with her boyfriend, “We decided we were going to go to Planned Parenthood and get it over with.” Ilene did not feel prepared to care for a baby. … Read more

Faces of Hope: Arisa ‘Marisol Health genuinely cares’

Arisa was 19 and petrified. Her pregnancy test results were positive. “I was really scared and kind of horrified in the beginning, because I knew the (baby’s) dad was not someone who would be there for me,” she remembers. Her grandparents, who raised her, initially expressed disappointment and concern, which caused a strain in their … Read more

Mom overcomes fear, high-risk pregnancy with Marisol at her side

Nicolle felt scared and ashamed. She was unexpectedly pregnant, and a doctor said she had a high-risk pregnancy. “We both drank a lot,” said the 28-year-old about her and her boyfriend, Ashton, 27. “We didn’t find out until four and a half months pregnant.” She heard about Marisol Health in Denver and she and Ashton … Read more